Do’s and Don’t TRY Burgers when in BAGUIO


Planning on chillin’ in the beautiful City of Baguio? Why not enjoy a burger while you’re at it!

My girlfriend, her family and I went on a trip to Baguio earlier this year. We also went to check out the local burger places. There’s a handful of joints in that city so I’m giving you a list of the DO’s and Don’t TRY restaurants in the place to save you some trouble!

Let’s start with the No-No!


I’ll save you the trouble DON’T TRY the following. I’m sure if you’ve been to Baguio, you’ve seen this place because of its beautiful facade. I mean, who wouldn’t want to experience a bit of American Diner experience here in the Philippines but, NO. If you want good burgers in Baguio. Avoid this one.

1. 50’s DINER

IMG_58891 copy

Their burgers are okay tasting but there’s really nothing special about them. You can taste the authentic Knorr tasting burger. If you want proof, here’s how their burgers look like:

IMG_7075 copy

Their version of PIZZA BURGER. 🙂 Now, let’s play a game. “Spot the Pineapple bits”

IMG_7076 copy

And this my friends, is their version of the CHILI Burger. They really love putting shredded cheese on their burgers. Haha. If you want a good CHILI Burger wait for the DO TRY Burgers below!

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Top 10 Affordably GOOD! Burger Joints in Metro Manila (Updated)

I’ve eaten a lot of burgers and been to a lot of burger places. If you’re looking for a bang for your buck, then you should definitely head here! This list has been updated for you guys so you can enjoy these new Affordably GOOD Burger joints in Metro Manila like I did!

Top 10 on the list! (Updated)

10. Foodever 21

Located 21st Avenue in East Rembo, Makati City
Name sounds familiar? I guess the owner loves shopping in Forever 21. If you can get good stuff in Forever 21 in an affordable price then you can get the same here in Foodever 21!  Wondering what’s on the menu? Here you go! (They also made a burger specifically for the Pabebe girls)


But for starters, what I would recommend is you try this burger first, since Foodever 21 is known for creating burgers for the sweet tooth! You’ll be surprised how awesome the burger is if you add a little sweetness to it!


Choco Loco Burger

Between The Buns: Quarter Pounder Home-made patty with Choco Jam, Home-made Creamy Cheese and Choco Syrup on top

Price: For only Php 75.00!!! 

How to get here? The prepared an FAQ just for you!

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Looking for a real burger challenge? I dare you to try this out!

I’m sure you’re reading this now because you’re a fan of Man V. Food or you’ve seen it one or twice in your life. 🙂

There’s not a lot of challenges here in the Philippines since new burger joint owners beg to be different by not making their burgers bigger since everybody is doing that. But I salute this Burger Joint for opening its doors to all the burger lovers out there like me. You probably haven’t heard of this joint yet if you’re not from the north. Let me introduce you to..Storefront“Bypass Burger”

Located at 88 Congressional Avenue, Project 8 Quezon City, Philippines

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Burger marathon in Capitol Commons?

Get ready for a Burger Marathon in Capitol Commons!!!

Capitol CommonsWant to try something new in Pasig other than your usual Charlie’s Grind and Grill? then head on over to Capitol Commons for a quick Burger run! There’s a lot of choices to choose from especially at their Gastro Free-standing restaurants and their newly opened mall, The Estancia.

So without further adieu, here’s Between The Buns top 5 recommended list: Continue reading

Guilt-free Burgers in Metro Manila? Yes, they exist!

Start your week right by eating healthy! Who said that you can’t enjoy burgers while you’re on a diet? These joints will help you stay in shape and give in to your cravings during your cheat days!

The first burger can be found in Borough, located at the G/F of The Podium, 12 ADB Ave, Wack Wack, Mandaluyong.

5. Borough



Grilled “Portobello” Burger

Between The Buns: Grilled Portobello mushroom topped with mozzarella cheese, roasted veggies and lemon aioli in a homemade brioche bun!

Price: Php 350.00  Continue reading

One of the unique looking and delicious tasting burger in Metro Manila can be found in one of Fort Bonifacio’s Sports Bar!


There’s a lot of unique burgers in Metro Manila that makes them taste so good and one of them can be found in one of the Sports Bar in Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig,


Skinny Mike’s is one of the known Sports Bar in Fort not only the “go-to” Sports Bar to watch your favorite games but for their Php 10.00 Wings every Tuesday!  Continue reading

8 things you need to know before going to 8 Cuts Burger Blends


8 Cuts Sauce #4 2

With the rising customize or make your own burger joints in Metro Manila, this Joint made a huge difference in the industry. Before you can only customize the toppings of your burger, more cheese! more bacon! Triple Patty! whatever happens is that you’d always end up making a burger making you fatter and the worst part is, the patty tastes like crap which makes the entire burger sucks.

The Burger Patty is the heart and soul of the burger, you won’t be able to get the best burger if you don’t know how to get your patty right! Continue reading

Love SPAM, BACON and BURGERS? Check BIG B Burgers out!


Not sure if you’ve heard of BIG B Burgers but if you go to Maginhawa St. a lot then you’ve probably seen this joint.

BIG B serves unique burger patties, other than the big ass signage in front that caught my attention is the word “SPAM” and “BACON”

I’m a big fan of SPAM simply because it’s best paired with anything! especially BURGERS! Continue reading

Burger King Food Hacks

There’s a lot of Fast-Food burger joints out in the market, global or local joints. In the Philippines I will have to say that the top 3 burger joint in the Fast-food division is of course Mcdonald’s, Jollibee and Burger King.


 But what separates Burger King from the other two? You can “Have it your way”.

This article will not only tell you what items to pick or not to pick from the menu but will contain different Fast-food hacks as well. J and I guarantee that you will enjoy it!

Alright, let’s start of with top items on the list? Well you can try getting their Angus Burger set!

You can try this!

Angus BK

or this!

Angus Burger King

But taste is somewhat a normal Fast-food taste, but if you want it to taste special then let’s go to our next item on the menu so you’d know how! And Of course let’s move on to their newest product..

Four Cheese Chicken Sandwich Burger King

“The Four Cheese Whopper”

Never really knew why they just though of it just now! What’s Between the Buns? Your same old Whopper Beef Patty plus melted Four awesome cheeses, Swiss, Cheddar, American and the finale Mozzarella.

Now I know you guys have heard about BK’s tag line that you can have it your way right? Well yes you can, you just have to tell them. 🙂

One of my favorite items in the menu is their Chicken Sandwich, I love eating sub especially when I plan not to eat that much.


But did you know that you can turn that, into this?

Four Cheese Chicken Sandwich Burger King

Sweet right? You can actually “Four Cheese” anything on the menu!!! More idea in the menu to “Four Cheese” how about this?


Heart Attack? That’s why haven’t tried it yet, but I know it’s going to be awesome so let me know if you did it and send me a picture!

I don’t know if all BK outlets allow to basically “Four Cheese” everything but yes you will just have to say to the crew to “Four Cheese” it and then if they tell you that it’s not possible, just tell them to punch in additional 4 cheese in your tab! J Enjoy!