Battle of Cebu Burgers

Summer time here in Philippines is just getting crazy! So if you have plans going out of town for a vacation, make sure that you visit the Queen of the south. If you’re there right now then I have something special, just for you!

I toured the city last December 2015 looking for the best Burger Joints in the Cebu. To be honest looking for best burgers in a city which is known for their Lechon (Suckling Pig) is really hard! Unless we’re looking for some Pulled Pork Sandwiches. But I did not come there for that. I went there to grab the juiciest and delicious burgers that Cebu can offer.

Here are the best ones that I found:

Big Tom’s Charbroiled Burgers – Located in Juana Osemeña St. Cebu City


It’s right around the corner of Juana Osmeña st. you’ll find it right away. Among the ones I tried, this joint has a good selection of Burgers. Their burgers ranges from


Between The Buns recommendation? We have 2 for this joint.

Mushroom Bacon Burger 2

Mushroom Bacon Burger

Between The Buns: Classic Cheeseburger with Sauteed Garlic, Onion, Mushroom and Bacon

Price: Php 205.00 for 4 oz. and Php 255.00 for 6 oz. 

Mash Burger Deluxe 2

Mash Burger Deluxe

Between The Buns: Flat top griddled patty with Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Relish Pickles and House spread sauce on Buttered buns

Price: For only Php 95.00!!! 

That’s just the beginning, it keeps on getting better and better. Next stop…

Big Daddy’s Truck – It roams around Cebu, I was able to see it in IT Park last time. Best to follow them on Facebook:


Order one thing and I mean just this burger:

Double Lava Burger copy

Double Lava Burger

Between The Buns: Double Big Daddy Burger oozing with Melted American cheese

Price: Php 210.00!!! 

If you’re the diner type of person and wants to experience, you can try this joint within the Cebu city. At least for the branch that I went to, since I think there’s more than one branch.

Front Gate – Located in M.P. Yap Street, Maria Christina Extension


What to order? I got 2 for you again.

Double Bacon Mushroom Melt

Double Bacon Mushroom Melt

Between The Buns: Double patty topped with Mushroom, caramelized onions and some fresh cut Jalapeños

Price: Php 193.00!!! 

Killer Burger open faced

Killer Burger

Between The Buns: Patty topped with Fries, Caramelized Onions, Bacon and Island sauce

Price: Php 210.00!!! 

Moving to the next joint..

Flame It! – Located in 4th Floor Ayala Center Cebu


Surprisingly good! Their patties are donut shape and in terms of taste..hmm taste like longa burger. 🙂

Try it out, you might get lucky and get different colored buns.


I got mine last 2014 Sinulog and it was good. *Thumbs up!*

20140125_141328_1 copy

Last but not the least, if you want a different dining experience in Cebu then you should try this out!

Burger Joint Mabolo – Located in The Gallery, Mabolo Cebu City

Not your average type of Burger joint, not best in the category but one of the good ones in the area of you will ask me. Just have one thing or if you’re adventurous to try others go ahead. I will not stop you, but let us know if its good.

Try their..


Bacon Mushroom Cheeseburger

Between The Buns: Bacon, Mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes and some cream cheese!

Price: Php 120.00!!! 

So there you have it, be sure to try them all out or at least some of them when you’re in Cebu. Just make sure you let us know your thoughts about them.

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