US Burger Joints to hit the Philippines, SOON!

I know I have been inactive for quite sometime now, that’s because I had to take care of business and travel to collect some content that I can share with you guys!

But before we even go there, I have some exciting news for everyone. I’m sure some of you already know about this but for those who doesn’t know yet, get ready, because they’re coming here in the Philippines.

First on the list, I’m sure you’ve heard of them and seen them here in the Philippines doing their pop-up booth in the past years, but they are finally coming here! Get ready for some animal style fries because In-N-Out is headed your way!


Where: They have not finalized the location but probably around Taguig/Makati area

When: You’ll be the first to know soon as I get this information

What: You know what to get, don’t ask me. Just keep them stacked up like this one.


Of course, the double double plus Animal Fries..


Next on the list and you’d probably get to taste this first before In-N-Out. Why? because construction already started.

Fat Burger


Where: Glorietta 2

When: Coming soon as per their Big ass banner.

What: Why do you think it’s called Fat burger? 😉 Because you’re gonna be one if you can down a Quad!


But let’s move on to my next favorite burger place. Well, I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves this joint. You know who else? Well, President Obama himself. I even sat where he sat in the DC branch. But let’s save that for later.

Five Guys


Where: I hope it’s somewhere near our house! But yes, no location yet.

When: I hope they open tomorrow, but I don’t think that’s possible.

What: Just get a double and whatever you like on it. But I always go for the Cajun Fries.


Last but definitely not the least. Who doesn’t like breakfast right? Yup, they’re coming here as well.



Where: Should be in Fort, near the bars and clubs.

When: Hmm. Probably next year?

What: I will recommend Bourbon Bacon Burger for dinner and Slam Burger for Breakfast!


“Bourbon Bacon Burger”


“Slam Burger”

So there, I hope I got you excited the way I am for these joints. For those who haven’t tried these joints, I will be releasing a review for each during my trip to the US last March. 🙂

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