Look how creatively spooky these Burger Joints are!

Halloween really became a thing here in the Philippines. When I was a kid, we don’t care about Halloween, we’re just up for it for the horror, ghost stories and Magandang Gabi bayan Halloween special. But now, kids are really going trick or treating and the adults are out with their costumes partying in clubs. So before you do your Trick during Halloween, I suggest you Treat yourself first with these creatively done burgers.

First on the list, The Burger Lab. If you read my old post about The Burger Lab, they are known for creating or inventing your own burger. So they did just, FOR YOU!



Hurry!! These burger monsters are only available until October 26-31 only! For more details visit: https://www.facebook.com/TheBurgerLabMNL

Next on the list is the SWEETEST MEAT TREAT that you will ever get this Halloween! Try Foodever 21’s SPOOKY BURGER! Why did I say the sweetest? Check it for yourself!


For more details visit: www.facebook.com/Foodever21

Last but not the least, this one won’t only give you a TREAT, it also requires a TRICK to get it. Try getting Chevy Burger’s Halloween Buns! How to get it? Well… you just have to say the magic words, be sure to say this out loud when you order.

Magic words: Burger, Burger, Chevy Burger. Gawin mong BLACK ang aking order!

and this magical Burger will appear on your table!


If you like what you saw then visit this page for more details: www.facebook.com/ChevyBurger.BigTaste

Be sure to try them and share with us your thoughts on how it tastes like. #BetweenTheBuns #Halloween #TrickOrTreat

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