Top 10 Affordably GOOD! Burger Joints in Metro Manila (Updated)

I’ve eaten a lot of burgers and been to a lot of burger places. If you’re looking for a bang for your buck, then you should definitely head here! This list has been updated for you guys so you can enjoy these new Affordably GOOD Burger joints in Metro Manila like I did!

Top 10 on the list! (Updated)

10. Foodever 21

Located 21st Avenue in East Rembo, Makati City
Name sounds familiar? I guess the owner loves shopping in Forever 21. If you can get good stuff in Forever 21 in an affordable price then you can get the same here in Foodever 21!  Wondering what’s on the menu? Here you go! (They also made a burger specifically for the Pabebe girls)


But for starters, what I would recommend is you try this burger first, since Foodever 21 is known for creating burgers for the sweet tooth! You’ll be surprised how awesome the burger is if you add a little sweetness to it!


Choco Loco Burger

Between The Buns: Quarter Pounder Home-made patty with Choco Jam, Home-made Creamy Cheese and Choco Syrup on top

Price: For only Php 75.00!!! 

How to get here? The prepared an FAQ just for you!


9. Colossus Burger

This one is located in Bayani Street corner Cuatro de Julio, Brgy. San Isidro, Galas, Quezon City, Philippines


Been seeing this burger place for quite some time now since I pass by Galas a lot of times. They don’t have a big menu but if you want to try their Volcanic Rock Grilled Colossal Burger then I suggest you try this first.




Between The Buns: Triple Quarter Pounder topped with Lettuce, Tomatoe, Onion Rings and Cheese

Price: For only Php 150.00!!! 

8. EAN’s Grilled Burgers

South side represent! located at 265 EL Grande Ave. Bf Homes, Paranque.


Just like any other affordably good Burger joints, they don’t have that much variety on their menu. Only straight to the point juicy and delicious burgers. Known also as the “Kanto Burger” So there’s nothing to suggest but to just try out their Quarter Pounder


(Photo credit to larissegastronomique)

Ean’s Quarter Pounder

Between The Buns: Quarter Pounder Home-made patty with anything you want to add from Extra bacon, cheese, Jalapeno, Mushrooms

Price: For only Php 50.00!!! 

7. Kokikz Flame Grilled Burgers

Located in 1592 Pedro Gil, Barangay – 813, Manila near Onyx Street


My brother and I visited this place one time when we are on our way home going from the office. It looked sketchy for a while and didn’t expect much from their burgers but when I tasted it. Man! one of the best burgers in Manila especially for its price!

IMG_7409 copy

I would recommend that you for this Burger first:

IMG_7412 copy

Cheeseburger with Bacon

Between The Buns: 100% Pure beef patty with bacon and a lot of cheese!

Price: For only Php 85.00!!! 

6.  Carl’s Burger

Located at e. Quintos Street, Balic Balic, Sampaloc, Manila

IMG_7517 copy

It’s the same as the others but it provides a unique taste of burger! No more words, you just got to try it for yourself. It replaced the Yummerz burger near it.

IMG_5646 copy

Carl’s Quarter Pounder

Between The Buns: Quarter Pounder Home-made patty with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes

Price: For only Php 50.00!!! 

5. Jacko’s Burger

Located just outside the walls of my Alma Mater, the University of Santo Tomas, you can find Jacko’s Burger in Dos Castillas St. Corner Piy Margal.

3They are famous around the campus and people who live around the area for their affordable Php 45.00 Quarter Pounders!


Everything on their menu is quite budget friendly especially for the students of UST. When it comes to taste I’ll rate it as 4/10 but for its price it’s definitely an 8/10!

Between the buns recommendation? Try this! Definitely one of the best on their menu!


Double “Chili Con Carne” Burger

Between The Buns: Grilled Double Quarter pounders with lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and topped with their best tasting Chili Con Carne (Double Spread!)

Price: For only Php 148.00!!! 

4. Kalborger’s

Catchy name right? Cleverly done like the “Chito Meryenda” burger joint! To be honest, the name really caught my attention that’s why I decided to try them out. I first saw this joint around Tandang Sora way way back and now they have a stall in front of our office in Makati Ave! Business is really growing so it must be good right? To know more about their locations be sure to check out their Facebook page:

IMG_3025 copyThey claimed to be the biggest burger in town, which I beg to disagree. They really have to replace that tag line to “The Biggest and Best Tasting Burger in Town”

Grilling up an enormous burger is no joke, some joints usually the taste of their burgers suffer just so that they can say that they have the biggest burgers. But in Kalborger’s everything is A-Okay!

If you’re a heavy eater then you should try this!

Camera 360

Ultimate “Pizza” Burger

Between The Buns: Bellpeppers, Pineapple, Cheese, Onions and all your favorite Pizza toppings in a bun!

Price: For only Php 180.00!!!

Available only in their MCU, Concepcion, Malabon and A.Mabini, Caloocan branch. They also have it available here in the night market beside A. Venue! Be sure to try it out and make sure you share it with someone.

3. Burger Machine


Or what we like to call “BurMac” to add a little “Conyo” effect on the its name. Who wouldn’t like this classic burger joint, I’m sure you have tried this as well unless you’re not from the Philippines and I know you love them Bart Burgers and Sansrival! But what I’m about to recommend to you is somewhat epic. Make sure that you order this after a good night out!

The secret password when ordering this, is that you whisper to the ate or kuya, “I Like to put everything on it!”

IMG_5059 copy“Ultimate” Burger

Between The Buns: (Everything on it!) You name it, egg, cheese, bacon, chili con carne but please don’t ever put a Sansrival in there!

Price: For only Php 91.00!!

Tipid right? but if you’re looking for the best of the affordable burgers then let’s go down to #2!

2. Yvan Navy

21459762_M3ulPIF622H9mtVinqlUNOpqOrxVN6A4xLdj8VaOloIOne of the fast growing small player burger joint in Metro Manila! This burger joint is located in my hometown in San Diego Cali.. ooops I meant San Diego Street Sampaloc Manila. Super affordable Half pounder burgers in Manila. The owner used to tell me that they already opened a branch in Fort. When I asked him where in fort, he just looked up and said, there in the “Fort Floor” haha funny guy Mr. Yvan is, easy to love just like the burgers he is serving.

Between the buns recommendation? Go for the half pounders double cheese! If you’re a heavy eater like me then go for this one!

Yvan NavyYvan Navy’s “Double Half Pounder” Burger

Between The Buns: The basic TLC with tasty Double Half pound patty

Price: For Php 200.00!!

If you loved this burger then you’re definitely going to love this next one! In our #1 Spot! The Champion of Quezon City pound for pound affordable burgers is none other than!

1. Snack Shack

snack-shack-closed copy

Started inside UP (University of the Philippines) near the post office. Actually heard about this from a friend of mine and started looking for it! Believe me, after my first bite, mmm mmm, delicious! 100% Pure Beef and hey you can also put Jalapeños and Blue Cheese! Yep that’s right your patty’s best friends are available here. No brainer recommendation:

Snack Shack 1Snack Shack’s  “Half Pounder” Burger

Between The Buns: The basic TLC perfectly grilled Burger and make sure to add Jalapeños and Blue Cheese okay?

Price: For Php 140.00!!

So that’s it! Metro Manila’s best kept secret for Burger Joints! I hope you visit them one of these days guys! These joints are not your usual suspects but they have been compared to the others and nothing taste affordably GOOD like them!

Enjoy! Hope you can share your experience with us by leaving a comment in the comment box! Cheers!

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