Looking for a real burger challenge? I dare you to try this out!

I’m sure you’re reading this now because you’re a fan of Man V. Food or you’ve seen it one or twice in your life. 🙂

There’s not a lot of challenges here in the Philippines since new burger joint owners beg to be different by not making their burgers bigger since everybody is doing that. But I salute this Burger Joint for opening its doors to all the burger lovers out there like me. You probably haven’t heard of this joint yet if you’re not from the north. Let me introduce you to..Storefront“Bypass Burger”

Located at 88 Congressional Avenue, Project 8 Quezon City, Philippines

Bypass Burger is owned and managed by a group of young Filipino entrepreneurs who wanted to venture on burger joint business. It’s a humble and simple storein Congressional Avenue, Project 8 in Quezon City that’s a good addition to the Burger Industry here in the Philippines.


They have a few variety of burgers to choose from but hey they’re just starting and the prices are super affordable too.


Sadly, didn’t get a chance to taste all of their burgers because I came here for one thing and for one thing only.


“Cardiac Burger”

The poster says it all, 1 pounder Bypass Burger with fries and all you have to do is survive and take it down within 5 minutes!

Introducing the mighty Cardiac Burger!

Intro Bypass

Quite humongous burger right? But before I tell you about my challenge let’s go check what’s in #BetweenTheBuns of the Cardiac Burger:


The “Bypass Burger”

Between The Buns: 2 half pound Bypass Burger patties, topped with Lettuce, Onions Tomatoes, Cheese sauce, Ketchup, Mayo and a bunch of Bacon enough for you to have a cardiac arrest.

Price: Php 358.00 (with fries) if you finish it within 5 minutes, it’s completely FREE!

Don’t judge the burger by its cover! The patty might look dry, but it tastes surprisingly good! Like I said, I wouldn’t throw in a good review if it wasn’t. My family liked it as well so we will definitely be back for more. 🙂

Now to the challenge! Came in to this joint feeling all so confident about this challenge because I haven’t broken my winning streak from Burger Ave. – Burger Company – Rex’s Burger and now this.

It might look small by the picture by man this is a 5-inch burger. Never done it, let’s see if I can take it on. So my battle plan was to take it down per piece because of its size. The battle was really hard and made me ask for a lot of water on my side. At first it looked easy but as time winds down, my hope of finishing the challenge came along with it. So from this burger..

Bypass Burger angle2

To this..

finish bypassYup that face, you can see the remorse on that grin. My strategy failed me. But it’s not over yet! There’s a lot of challenges to take on. But hey Manny Pacquiao has 6 losses. This is my first one and someday, I will get my revenge. 🙂

If you want to see the exact video of my challenge, just comment on the box below. I will upload it on my FB page. If you happen to try this challenge out, hope you can share with us your experience too! Cheers!

3 thoughts on “Looking for a real burger challenge? I dare you to try this out!

  1. Nothing new and extra-ordinary about this burger joint. Both their branches in Kingspoint subdivision and congressional avenue are now closed. No one is eating at this place. This is a fact. As i Predicted, their branches will close.


    • Thank you for your comment Burger Kritiko. Sadly when I tried their new branch in D. Tuazon, it’s not the same as I tried it last year. But hey, I will be releasing another list of ” No-Go” burger joints! Thanks for reading! Appreciate it.


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