Do you have what it takes to INVENT your OWN Burger?

My first question to you as a valued reader of my blog is, are you ready to INVENT your own burger? Because if you do then you better head on over yo Mall of Asia Prism Tower and visit,

Burger Lab“The Burger Lab”

Located at 4th floor, Prism Plaza, Two E-comCenter, MOA complex, Pasay City

There you go folks, if you know the secret formula in cooking the best burger then grab your lab gowns, goggles and gloves and head on to The Burger Lab so you can start inventing your own burger! This place loves to keep it real, even their decorations will make you feel that you’re in a lab.
IMG_6566Yup! they have all the chemicals and ingredients you will need for your invention. 🙂 Just kidding on the chemicals because their burgers are made of 100% Pure Beef!

According to Part owner Sho Isomura, “there’s a lot of create your own burger here in the Philippines like Burger Project, the likes of 8 cuts wherein you can create your own patty but when you do create your own burger, they serve it to you a finished product. But here in Burger Lab, we will give you an option to assemble it for yourself”

11209746_1579711075632761_6493547405975639146_nCool right? and I definitely agree with him with what he said. You will never ever get the feeling of greatness when you invented something if weren’t there to do the hard work. So assembling your own burger will make that first bite mmm, mmm. According to Sho, what they are proud of are their sauces. When you want to build your own burger, sauces comes in Syringes. I told you, bring your own lab gown because it might get messy. 🙂

If you’re not a fan of inventing your own burger or your in a hurry to get your burger fix then here is their best burger that you should definitely try out.

Cardiac Closeup2

The “Cardiac Burger”

Between The Buns: Double of Burger Lab’s own beef patty topped with Potato chips, Onion Rings, Bacon with their house specialty cheese and even more cheese!

Price: Php 360.00 (with potato chips)

Yum right? I would definitely be back for this one. 🙂 You can also choose from their wide variety of buns as well, I think they have Potato, Brioche, wheat, regular and their very own Burger Lab buns.

If you’re in the mood for something different then here’s a little something for you. This is Burger Lab’s own invention, this burger has a smoky taste to it and when I say smoky, I really mean SMOKY. 🙂 Introducing..Smoked Gun BTBThe “Smoked Gun Burger”

Between The Buns: Burger Lab’s Patty topped with their Homemade Burger sauce and coleslaw

Price: Php 270.00 (with potato chips and served with Smoke Gun)

So there you go! Come and visit the place! I’m sure you’re gonna love it. Here’s their updated menu as well if you’re interested, they also have new menu items that you might want to try out! “Pizza burger” sounds good and definitely the next thing I’ll have in my next visit! 🙂 

Oh by the way, this place is also a chill out spot for social drinking and a place to chill. 

Definitely a load up place before partying in City of Dreams. 🙂

If you already try it let us know in the comments box below! I’m sure Burger Lab is open for some comments and suggestions! 🙂 Cheers!

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