The BEEF is all that matters in a BURGER

“Unclutter the Burger” as The Beef PH put it. According to them, you don’t have to add any crap to your burger to make it the best tasting burger because “THE BEEF” is all that matters. Which is damn straight TRUE!

So let me introduce you the one of Hole in the wall’s priced treasure..

The Beef

IMG_6523Forget about that crappy CaliBurger when you’re in the area, I would recommend that you spend your money here instead. Craving for a new and good tasting Cheese Burger? then this is the place for you my man!

As the beef would say it, the hamburger ain’t broken so don’t try to fix it!

IMG_6533Ambiance is perfect, because Hole in the wall is definitely a nice place to dine because of its exquisite look and feel. It definitely boosts your eating experience. Any how, we’re here for their burgers. There’s not much on the menu since they are not a fan of adding anything to your burger they only have two kinds, one is a plain burger with Lettuce, Onions, and Tomatoes and the other one is their “Cheese Burger with fries”.

IMG_6531 copyHow can you go wrong with a Cheese Burger right? Let’s go more in depth and analyse the burger further.IMG_6530 copyThe “Cheese Burger”

Between The Buns: The Beef’s patty topped with American Cheese, Lettuce Onions and Tomatoes

Price: Php 375.00 (with fries)

Now we go to the review and I’m just gonna keep it real folks. I was surprised that their patty is good and tasty too! the combination of the buns really made it perfect. I’m not sure but I think they used a Potato Bun, which is good because it complimented the patty. But this is where they fail to meet my expectations. A Cheese Burger is only a burger topped with Cheese, they should have kept it real and stayed true to what they are all about. I would understand for the Lettuce, Onions and Tomatoes to be in the Classic Burger that they’re offering, but when you serve a Cheese Burger it should be straight out and just keep the other toppings as optional. Next the patty, like I said it was good and tasty, but somehow I felt the extenders there which causes the patty to break up. Again, not a good sign of an excellent burger. So there, just expressing my two-cents but overall I will give it 8 out of 10. 🙂

So there, try it and tell us what you think in the comments section below! 🙂 Cheers!

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