Are you ready for the Darth Burger Challenge?

Hope everybody had a very restful and meaningful Holy Week. Now that the Lenten season is almost over, you know what that means! We can EAT MEAT again! Weehooo! If you can’t wait to get your burger fix again, then I have the right burger joint to fill you up.

Representing the south…

Rexs grill outside

“Rex’s Grill”

J.B. Tan Street, BF Resort Village, Las Piñas City

 Yup! It’s located in the south and their hero-villain themed burger creations will fulfill your Man Vs. Food fantasy.

Introducing the Hero Burgers:


These good burgers will definitely save you the hassle of searching for delicious burgers down south. These burgers are available from Minion, to Regular, and up to T-REX size!

Hmmm, I know, the name speaks for itself. 🙂

Between The Buns Recommendations: Flare Volt and El Bandido Burger

Moving on to the next list of burgers is their BAD-ass line-up! The Villain Burgers:


Villain burgers are so BAD-ass, that if Adam Richman goes to the Philippines, these burgers will definitely be on his list.

Between The Buns Recommendations: Magnetismo Burger and their very own DARTH Burger!

Speaking of Darth Burger, all burger enthusiasts and Star Wars fans, listen up!

If you think you can take on this burger within 5 minutes then you should definitely go there!


Oh yeah, I forgot. The challenge comes with fries and their soda float. If you can finish them all in 5 minutes, you will of course win bragging rights and your name will be placed in their wall of fame.

Rex’s Grill actually has two challenges, one is the Darth Burger Challenge and the other one is their monstrous challenge, The T-REX Burger Challenge. You have to devour that monstrous burger in 15 minutes. But as per our last visit, nobody has ever claimed victory over this burger of monstrosity.

(Photo credit from

But I wasn’t there for that purpose. I was there to finish the Darth Burger Challenge!


“Darth Burger”

Between The Buns: Three Grilled Pure Beef patties, SPAM, Bacon, Grilled Chicken, and a Sunny Side up egg smothered in Rex’s homemade cheese sauce!

Price: Php 255.00

 Man, this burger was a real challenge. Among all the challenges that I’ve completed, this one was one of the toughest. Luckily, I was able to finish it at exactly 5 minutes! Better not show you the video of my challenge because it was really messy and you would rather not watch it. But here’s a picture of me after the challenge. 🙂


Didn’t win a t-shirt ‘cause it’s only for the T-Rex Burger challenge. L But I will definitely go back to take him on! But for now, I’ll be practicing before I take on this challenge.

Here’s another cool prize that was given to me by one of the part owners of Rex’s Grill. You will not find this burger on the menu and is only given and cooked by the joint’s part owner (very lucky to have been able to try this burger).


The “House” Burger

Between The Buns: Grilled Pure Beef patty, Iceberg lettuce, Tomatoes, Crispy Bacon, Mushroom buttons, Deep Fried Bacon, Wrapped Mozarella fritters, topped with Light lemon cream, Jalapeño, onions, black olives and cheese sauce

Price: Upon Request

Me and my girlfriend’s visit in Rex’s Grill was amazing. We even met the lovely and kind part owner/wedding planner, Darlene Bermudez.


She even stayed a while and had a chat with us, telling us the story of how Rex’s Grill burgers started from a family gathering in a roof top when she cooked homemade burgers up to opening their own restaurant. 🙂

So if you want a different burger adventure, you know where to go! Head on over to Rex’s Grill for some burger action! 🙂

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