#Throwback Burger Joints that will remind you of the 90’s

Since it’s Thursday today, let me take you back in the 90’s and see if you can still remember these good ol’ burger places!

Number 5 on the list!

5. Carl’s Jr.

carls-jr.-vietnam4I can still remember that we used to eat here before after going to Eureka in SM Megamall and playing in Glorietta’s activity center. I really hope that they would do a re-launch here in the Philippines. I think that the market now is much mature for foreign brands than before. Having said that, here’s the next burger place on our list.

4. A&W

AWNot sure if you can still remember this guy right here:

5DgspH6Ju5QRQ1satBXismF-ICi0dsTrgim1THlPzCABut they serve the best classic Root Beer floats in a mug during the 90’s. Not only that, their burgers tasted really good as well. Like #5, A&W deserves to have a re-launch.

3. Cindy’s

Say hell yeah if you’re a 90’s kid. I’m sure Cindy’s ring a bell! Especially if you grew up around Cubao like me. Definitely one of the local fast food joint here in the Philippines. Sadly only Tropical Hut survived and Cindy’s died in the Metro. According to my research, there are still Cindy’s branches in Bataan not sure if they are with the same owner but yeah I would like to have one of those Big Byron Burgers again.

2. Charbroiled Burgers

charbroiled-phase-3-bf-paranaqueSouth peeps represent! If you grew up in BF or in the south, I’m sure you know this Burger joint! Everybody I knew from the south including me felt sad when we heard that it closed down. I would love to have that Blue Thunder and Mushroom Melt once again!

Lastly, the next burger place is another 90’s favorite. If you love Boracay’s Chori Burger then let me tell you this. We used to have the best Chori Burger here in Metro Manila.

1. Bun on the Run

6a01538e92ee33970b01543407ab52970cAnother lost treasure of Metro Manila. I think they had a couple of re-launch and it closed down again and again. Not sure of the cause but I would love it if they will open again! But hey if you know for a fact they are still open, I would like to hear from you.

So there you have it folks! If you miss other burger places that already closed down, let us know! Maybe the owners of these places will get to read this post and who knows? It might encourage them to get back in business.

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