Guilt-free Burgers in Metro Manila? Yes, they exist!

Start your week right by eating healthy! Who said that you can’t enjoy burgers while you’re on a diet? These joints will help you stay in shape and give in to your cravings during your cheat days!

The first burger can be found in Borough, located at the G/F of The Podium, 12 ADB Ave, Wack Wack, Mandaluyong.

5. Borough



Grilled “Portobello” Burger

Between The Buns: Grilled Portobello mushroom topped with mozzarella cheese, roasted veggies and lemon aioli in a homemade brioche bun!

Price: Php 350.00 

4. Charlie’s Grind and Grill

charlies1Who said the home of great Black Angus burger doesn’t have a burger especially made for the health conscious and vegetarians? Meet..


Shrooms Vegetarian Burger

Between The Buns: Panko crusted deep fried cheese stuffed Portabelo Mushrooms with lettuce and tomatoes

Price: Php 300.00 

3. Greens


Located in 92 Scout Castor Street, South Triangle, Quezon City, near taste of LA. It’s a very good Vegetarian restaurant in Quezon City and the price is exceptionally cheap! Really wish we could have one near our office but anyway, this burger will help you maintain your weight and still experience like you’re actually eating a burger meat!

Veg Burger at Greens restaurant and cafe copy

Mushroom Tofu Burger

Between The Buns: Tofu and Mushroom patty with lettuce, pickles and tomatoes served in a Whole Wheat bun

Price: Only Php 85.00 !

2. Mushroom Burger


You can now enjoy your favorite Mushroom burger from Tagaytay here in Metro Manila and they are everywhere! You can check out their website ( for more information about the locations of their store.

Well, what can I say, these guys have been masters of Mushrooms here in the Philippines since the 70’s. I guess you’ve all tasted these burgers. If not, I suggest you try it now – 100% guilt free burgers since their patties are made out of mushrooms! They even have mushroom fries! But as a recommendation, this would be the best bet of Between The Buns:

IMG_0102 copy

Mushroom Burger Royal

Between The Buns: Mushroom patty topped creamy cheese, more mushrooms, egg omelet and their secret sauce!

Price: Only Php 95.00 !

1. Good Burger

GBlabasand the last but not the least, if you really want to eat healthy then there’s no other place to go but to go to Good Burgers.


Chicken or Veggie patties? They have it! Between The Buns recommendation is everything on the menu, so here you go!


Always remember that health is wealth. Eat healthy, to stay wealthy.


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