Top 5 “No-Go!” Burger joints in Metro Manila

In my previous post, I talked about my Top 5 bang for you buck burger joints in Metro Manila. This time, I’m going to share with you my Top 5 “No, Go!” burger joints in Metro Manila. Why “No Go” because of their ridiculously priced burger that tastes like your normal Mcdonald’s burger! Which leads us to number 5 on the list!

5. Caliburger


Caliburger is a California-Style burger franchise which was allegedly accused of copying In-N-Out signature burgers. They just recently opened branches here in the Philippines and I know you’ve seen them already. But if I were you, DO NOT bother to go to this place anymore. Their Burgers are ridiculously priced and tastes like your normal Mcdonald’s Quarter Pounder.

Here’s their menu to compare:


You can get 2 Quarter Pounder meal in Mcdonald’s with that price! and yes, I said meal! Php 295 CaliDouble is not yet a meal. It’s just the price of a burger.

Next on the list is another overly priced fast food burger joint from Canada

4. Triple O’s


Not sure if you’ve seen this joint in SM Megamall but again, DO NOT BOTHER to go to this burger joint anymore. Why? Here’s why:

a4d579cec30cfab7ea8011da848cadedNuff said right? Really over priced for a fast food restaurant.

Moving on, another joint from America, which has been in the Philippine territory from quite sometime now is..

3. Johnny Rockets


I was kind of excited before when they first opened here in the Philippines but I was quite disappointed when I tasted their burgers. Quality is far away from the Johnny Rockets I know but priced the same.


Again, I DO NOT RECOMMEND that you go to this place. You are better off spending that dough for a Jack Daniel’s Burger instead.

2. Stackers Burger Cafe


I know you’ve seen these Stackers Burger Cafe scattered all over the metro, I really don’t understand why. Concept is good because you can stack your own burger but for a price of Php 71.00 per patty which is similar to the taste of BRGR: Project’s patties? I suggest you just go there at least you can be really creative in creating your own burger.



The last or should I say the WORST burger joint who ever set foot in the Philippines is..

1. Crave Burger


I’m really not sure why they are still operational. Listen to me folks, DO NOT EVER and I MEAN EVER, GO to this Burger joint. Not only you will be wasting your money for a burger that tastes like CDO burger costed at a higher price. But you will be wasting your TIME that you will be spending here. Time is gold, so it’s better to go the burger joints that deserves your time and money. Thank you for reading my blog and I hope I was able help you save time and money by not dining in these burger joints. Enjoy! I would happy to hear from your experience as well in these places in the comment box below! Cheers!

4 thoughts on “Top 5 “No-Go!” Burger joints in Metro Manila

  1. I find Stackers as a good place to eat and reasonably priced so not accurate in that sense but you are correct for the rest. So try removing Stackers and replacing it with some bullshit burger that doesn’t even taste good like BRGR Project

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  2. Thanks Kim for your comment! It’s highly appreciated and it means a lot to me. 🙂 but yep, point taken for stackers but I didn’t say that they have shitty burgers. They’re actually okay and you’re right, they’re reasonably priced as well. But instead of spending that much for a burger, I would recommend going somewhere else. 🙂


    • Hey there burger buddy,

      I have been manufacturing burger patties for a few years now. Our burger patties are sold in Manila to private homes and foreigners who really want a quality burger. The patties are 125gms and cost 50P. It’s pure beef, with a world famous seasoning added to it.

      Because you have tasted burgers from Davao to Baguio from cheap to expensive, who else is better to taste my patty and comment on where I stand.

      As I am located in Lucena City, Quezon Province, I would like to invite you and a friend to visit me and our soon to open fastfood concept and pass the judgment.

      I don’t mind paying for your transportation to come and visit us. Would you kindly consider? Please let me know.

      Thank you for your time.


      • Hey Burger Bud! First of all, thank you for reaching out and for inviting me over to your soon to open fast food joint. I would love to go over there and have a taste of those juicy patties. 😊 we can discuss further regarding schedules via email. You may send it here:


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