One of the unique looking and delicious tasting burger in Metro Manila can be found in one of Fort Bonifacio’s Sports Bar!


There’s a lot of unique burgers in Metro Manila that makes them taste so good and one of them can be found in one of the Sports Bar in Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig,


Skinny Mike’s is one of the known Sports Bar in Fort not only the “go-to” Sports Bar to watch your favorite games but for their Php 10.00 Wings every Tuesday


Man, I love going here after playing basketball in CSA every Tuesdays because of their wings for only 10 pesos a piece! But what most of the people don’t know about this bar is that they also serve one of the unique looking and delicious tasting burgers in the metro!

They Only have 3 Burgers in their menu which will cater to your appetite depending on your hunger meter!

If you’re not a heavy burger eater, you can add these mini sliders to the mix while having your chicken wings!

Trople Play Sliders

 “Triple Play” Sliders

Between The Buns: Three Mini Angus Patties topped with Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese, Caramelized Onions, Mushroom and Chili con Carne

Price: Php 345.00

If you consider yourself heavy then you can actually try this..

Double Team copy

“Double Team” Burger

Between The Buns: The Burger on steroids! Double Teamed by Swiss and Cheddar Cheese

Price: Php 565.00

But the most unique looking and delicious tasting burger here in Skinny Mike’s is this..

Tail Gate Burger

“Tail Gate Classic”

Between The Buns: Half pound Angus Burger topped with Melted Swiss and Cheddar cheese with fresh lettuce and sliced tomato

Price: Php 295.00

What can I say, very affordable compared to the other two burgers right? I don’t know also if you noticed the shape of their burger. But if you’re an American Football fan and you know who the New York Giants is, then yes you got it right! Their Tail Gate Classic is shaped like a Football! and Yes same shape as the head of Arnold from “Hey Arnold”

Skinny Mikes

Which makes it more awesome? the bun is crunchy!!! #WhatsTheBunCalled It’s called “Dutch Crunch Bun” which really blends well with the burger! Really good in every bite! that bite when you hear the crunch in a soft bun then the Swiss and Cheddar cheese oozes in your mouth.. Amazing! so next time there’s gonna be a Pacquiao fight, NBA Finals, NFL Superbowl or any sports you are a fan of! Come on over to Skinny Mike’s Restaurant and Sports Bar in 32nd Ave. Fort Bonifacio, Taguig!

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