8 things you need to know before going to 8 Cuts Burger Blends


8 Cuts Sauce #4 2

With the rising customize or make your own burger joints in Metro Manila, this Joint made a huge difference in the industry. Before you can only customize the toppings of your burger, more cheese! more bacon! Triple Patty! whatever happens is that you’d always end up making a burger making you fatter and the worst part is, the patty tastes like crap which makes the entire burger sucks.

The Burger Patty is the heart and soul of the burger, you won’t be able to get the best burger if you don’t know how to get your patty right!

Taste varies for each person, the best burger for me might not be the best burger for you so that’s why in this blog, I will teach you a secret on how to make your burger patties right with the help of 8 Cuts Burger Blends

8 cuts

In 8 Cuts, you can customize your burger patty by choosing in 8 different beef cuts. I know, the hell you care about these cuts right? Why go far with this kind of effort? Believe me, if you really want to have or even just taste the best burger in the world, you really need to know your different cuts of beef because it plays a big part on how your burger patty will taste like.


Before I even start on the different cuts of beef, I would just like to share with you the #BetweenTheBuns recommended burger creations from 8 Cuts. Starting of with…

8 Cuts BaconThe “Piggy”

Between The Buns: Quarter pounder (Chuck+Short rib) Patty topped with Mozarella Cheese, Fried Bacon Strips, Lettuce, Tomatoes and Garlic Sauce

Price: Single Patty Php 245.00 / Double Patty Php 345.00


8 Cuts Sauce #4

The “Cheese Burger No. 3″

Between The Buns: Quarter pounder (Rib Eye+Short rib) Patty topped with American Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions and the No. 3 sauce!

Price: Php 195.00

IMG_4162 copy

The “Rising Shroom”

Between The Buns: Mustard-fried Quarter pounder (Sirloin + Chuck) Patty topped with Fried Oyster Mushroom tempura, White Truffle Creamed Cheese and Sauteed Mushrooms

Price: Single Patty Php 280.00 / Double Patty Php 375.00

IMG_4163 copy

The “Q-Daddy”

Between The Buns: Quarter pounder (Flank+ Ox Tail + Rib Eye) Patty topped with Yellow Cheddar, Onion Tangiers, Crisp Bacon strips, Iceberg Lettuce, Tomato, Jalapeno ranch & Sweet Spiced BBQ Sauce

Price: Single Patty Php 295.00 / Double Patty Php 385.00

Are you ready to make your own burger patty in 8 Cuts Burger Blends? Let’s start educating you first about the different cuts of your beef!


20090923Sirloin (1)

Location: Top half of the cow, towards the back, just before the rump.
Alternatives: Butt steak, sirloin butt, sirloin steak, center-cut roast, culotte steak.
Fat Content: Low.
Flavor: It’s often sold as the more expensive pre-ground option to chuck at the supermarket, though I’m baffled as to why. It is extremely tender, but lacks the fat necessary to keep it juicy. Its flavor offers a slight sour grassiness and nuttiness, but it’s more of a blank canvas than a beef bomb.



Location: Top half of the cow, just behind the shoulders.
Alternatives: 7-rib roast, blade steak, flatiron steak, round bone roast
Fat Content: High.
Flavor: Chuck is like burger meat designed by committee: It’s got a good lean to fat ratio, it’s well-balanced in flavor, but it lacks real character. As a single meat, it makes the kind of burger that’s tough to find fault with, but won’t have you sucking the juices out of your napkin when you’re done. If you’ve got only one choice to make at the butcher, this is the one to go with.



Location: Lower half of the cow, running from the plate to the flank. Cut from the cow’s main daphragm muscle.
Alternatives: Fajitas meat, Philadelphia steak.
Fat Content: Low.
Flavor: This chef’s cut can be a little difficult to track down in some areas. It has a strong, gamey flavor, and a distinct sourness. The texture in its whole form is rope-y, requiring you to cut it thinly against the grain. When ground, it acquires a slightly gritty texture that on its own, comes across as an almost dirty or dusty quality.

Short Rib

Short Rib

Location: Short sections of rib with attached meat, cut from the front half of the cow, just below the loin.
Alternatives: Braising strips (boneless short ribs).
Fat Content: Very high.
Flavor: Extremely rich and nutty, with no grassiness or sourness at all. This cut is all umami, and is quite overwhelming on its own. The high degree fine marbling helps it stay moist even when the burgers are cooked beyond medium-rare.

Rib Eye

Flap Meat

Location: From the back of the short loin—where porterhouse and T-bones come from—but closer to the belly of the animal.
Alternatives: Top sirloin tips, beef sirloin tips, sirloin tip steak, bavette d’aloyau.
Fat Content: Moderate.
Flavor: One of the most savory cuts around, with a substantial, chewy texture. Like short ribs, it lacks offsetting grassy notes, but unlike short ribs, it also lacks fat. Ground on its own, it has a grainy texture that crumbles more easily than some finer-grained cuts.



Location: “Hangs” between the last rib on the cow and the loin
Alternatives: bavette, hanging tenderloin, butcher’s steak, often misspelled “hangar” steak, but it’s beef, not a bloody airplane.
Fat Content: Moderate.
Flavor: This butcher’s cut is loved by chef’s for its gaminess and inexpensiveness. It has a distinct, almost cheesy, rancid overtone (in a good way). Its biggest drawback is its gritty, crumbly texture when ground, and the lack of high notes in its flavor profile.



Location: From the belly region of the front half of the cow.
Fat Content: Depending on butchering, moderate to low.
Flavor: Extremely grassy and sour, with a distinct aroma of iron and liver. A little grainy when ground, and completely lacking in rich, savory notes. It’s no wonder this cut is often pickled for use a corned beef or pastrami—it tastes almost pickled on its own.

Ox Tail

Ox Tail

Location: Do I really need to clarify? 🙂
Fat Content: Ridiculously high.
Flavor: Immensely savory, with richness, nuttiness, and gaminess to spare. Thanks to the diligent work of flies, this muscle is used constantly throughout the cow’s life, and as a result, is about as flavorful as they come. It’s as if the cow swallowed an entire other cow,* compressed it, and shoved it all into its own tail. Fattiness that doesn’t just blur the line between delicious and over-indulgent, but gives them both a miss, jumping straight into the realm of obscene. It leaves a coat in your mouth reminiscent of drinking a beef-flavored candle.

With all these information about the different cuts, are you ready to find out the burger patty that perfectly suits your palate?

I know you’re probably thinking that this post only gave you a description of each cut but never really recommended right pairing of cuts. Well you will have to stick around sometime in the future for that post! 🙂 #BetweenTheBuns

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