Zinger Double Down South!! in Korea!


I don’t if you’ve seen this poster being passed around in Facebook but soon as I saw this poster I was so intrigued! First few words that came out of my mouth was, “Meron ba dito niyan?!?” Only to have found out that it was a poster from KFC South Korea.

Well it was sad for moment until my officemate approached me and told me that she’s going to Korea and she’s going to bring one home for me! 🙂

Yes, I was able to get first dibs on this heart-crunching burger! Guess KFC just went true to their words “No Buns, All MEAT”

Here’s an up close shot of the Double Down I was talking about!


What’s in Between the buns? What am I saying?!? there are no buns! we’re talking about 2 Zingers with bacon and a burger patty in the middle.


Really hope KFC Philippines will bring it here so you can also experience its Hotness and Juiciness.


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