Love SPAM, BACON and BURGERS? Check BIG B Burgers out!


Not sure if you’ve heard of BIG B Burgers but if you go to Maginhawa St. a lot then you’ve probably seen this joint.

BIG B serves unique burger patties, other than the big ass signage in front that caught my attention is the word “SPAM” and “BACON”

I’m a big fan of SPAM simply because it’s best paired with anything! especially BURGERS!

Let’s go and check out their menu!


During my first visit, I immediately tried both the BIG B (50% Bacon and 50% Beef Patty) and BAM (50% SPAM and 50% Beef) the concept is good but I don’t know if the owners knew anything about the science about grilling burger patties. SO among the two I can only recommend one!

Between The Buns Recommendation!


The BAM and Poutine ng Ina More! best combination ever. Here’s a Between the Buns Burger hack for you! Put half of your poutine fries in in between the buns of your BAM” and taste greatness!


Let’s see what’s Between the Buns! (BAM Patty, Cheese, Special sauce and Ketchup)



Quarter Pounder Php 119.00

Half Pound Php 229.00

One Pound Php 349.00

Rating: 2.5/5

I came up with the 2.5 rating because, the concept is good the SPAM taste is powerful but the secret to a best burger patty is to get more fat to hold the patty all together! 50% SPAM and 50% Beef caused the patty to break while eating it. Cheese used also was a turn-off but the special sauce was good. Lot of room for improvement but I guess you’ll just have to try it for yourself! 🙂

Visit them at 44-B Magiting Street, Teachers Village, Quezon City

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