Have no Fear!! the McGriddles are here!!


I don’t know if you’ve already heard the good news but YES! it’s TRUE the McGriddles are HERE!! but the catch is…for a limited time only. But It’s worth a try! Anyways, Thanks to Mr. Richie (The Pickiest Eater in the world) for the information!

Kudos to Mcdonald’s as well for giving us a chance in tasting these special menu items that are not regularly available here in the Philippines.

I don’t know if you noticed as well but Mcdonald’s had been introducing several special menu items to the public this year starting with the McRib being available in some of the Mcdonald’s branches here!

McDonald's Brings Back The McRib Sandwich

And not only that! they’ve also introduced a new breakfast variant or alternative for the Sausage McMuffin which is the Chicken McMuffin (Which really doesn’t taste good as your Sausage McMuffin)


But this new breakfast variant is really the menu item I have been waiting for!

Once upon a time, a friend asked me if there would be one thing on the McDonald’s menu that is not available here in the Philippines what would it be, then I said McGriddles without hesitation. This burger is really exactly for a heavy breakfast eater!  so without further adieu let me introduce McGriddle brothers to you!


First let’s start with the basic, I’m pretty sure you love the Sausage McMuffin like I do and if you love Pancakes for breakfast as well then this is the one for you!

Meet Mr….


Sausage McGriddles

Php 98.00 with Coffee

Php 113.00 with Coffee and Hashbrown

Very basic in terms of taste, it’s like eating Sausage McMuffin with Griddle Cakes as buns. Nothing special but I can give you a little tip, which I call the BTB Burger Hack. Is you order one of this baby, get the Sausage patty and slide it “IN” between the buns if this next McGriddle!


Bacon, Egg and Cheese McGriddles

Php 113.00 with Coffee

Php 128.00 with Coffee and Hashbrown

Name is almost perfect! but don’t be deceived because your favorite Sausage patty is not anywhere in between them buns. So I suggest you buy another a la carte of the Sausage McGriddle because at least you can still enjoy the Griddle cakes with Syrup and Butter even without the Sausage patty. 🙂

And the best of the best, I’m sure Mcdonald’s will make a fortune if they retain this one on the menu. The Between The Buns Best Recommendation!


Sausage, Egg and Cheese McGriddles

Php 113.00 with Coffee

Php 128.00 with Coffee and Hashbrown

Best paired with Hashbrowns, Fries, and Coffee / Hot Chocolate. Surely you will enjoy this! 4.5/5 Rating from Between The Buns!

Oh and before I forget to mention, here are the official store outlets (Courtesy of The Pickiest Eater) that carry this special menu item! Glad one of them was near our house!

Again, these are available during breakfast hours only so make sure you grab one before going to work tomorrow! Happy Sunday Everyone!

McDonald’s Branches in The Philippines with McGriddles:


Sun Mall Welcome Rotonda

Farmer’s Market

Pioneer Reliance

Ortigas Extension Cainta



Tarlac Hi-way

Sto. Tomas Batangas

Dona Soledad

Bankmer (along Ayala Ave)

Lucky Chinatown


San Pedro


Blue Ridge

Las Pinas Talon

Project 8

Angeles Intersection


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