Zark’s Burger then and now..

Zark’s Burger is one of the pioneer of ridiculously big burgers and burger challenges here in the Philippines. Which for quite some time it has been a burger mecca for burger lovers like me..


I had a lot of burger favorites before and this includes:


Deep Fried Burger
(Zark’s Burger)


Double Cheese Burger with Caramelized Onions
(Zark’s Burger – Burger of the week)
The Jaw Breaker
(Zark’s Burger)
The Tombstone
(Zark’s Burger)

But the last time I dined it atZark’s Burger branch in BF homesParañaque, I was quite disappointed that the quality of the taste changed. The burgers enormously big but the patty’s consistency cannot hold it together. I assume the burgers were really focused on how to make it big and not how to make it enjoyable to people. I think instead of putting the right amount of fat to hold the patty together they focused on how to put fillers to make the price affordable as possible.

I tried several items in the menu but none of it really matters now, except for one burger!


Bacon Wrapped Burger
(Zark’s Burger)

It is in my highest hopes that this burger’s quality remains the same in the future, otherwise, there will never be a reason for me to go back and enjoy Zark’s

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