NYC’s Finest Burger Joints!

You must have been wondering when and where the search began for that perfect burger.
Well, it all started late 2009 there….
in the Big Apple, in the city that never sleeps, New York City. The first thing that I asked for when my plane landed in JFK Airport is of course.. Burger so I immediately stopped by a nearby Mcdonald’s just to get the ball rollin’ and while I was staring at the menu I was star-strucked solely by this item on which I’ve never seen in any Mcdonald’s in the Philippines before. It was love at first sight. That moment before the Cashier opened her mouth and ask “Can I take your order” I immediately said I’ll have the…..

Angus Third Pounder Deluxe
After the first bite I uttered the word “WOW” I can’t believe they don’t serve this in the Philippines. Then it had began, the search for the best burger comes in to play.
The next morning, I took a walk around the block from our house in Staten Island for some fresh air and come across this majestic looking burger joint that looks very familiar. I guess you already know what I am talking about. A lot of people went nuts for it including Harold and Kumar! so I went in and continue my journey in search for burger greatness. Everything in the menu looks good but I ordered….
3 Double Cheese Slider
(White Castle)
Don’t judge these guys by their looks, they might be small but definitely not terrible! These babies are like David (vs Goliath) I don’t know how they make ’em but it was a sweet moment the first time it slide in my mouth. They are like M&M’s that melts in your mouth and not in your hands.
When that was all said and done, I made my way to Manhattan to meet up with my cousin and told her everything about my mission and the burgers that I’ve had so far in NY. After telling her all about it, she felt excited and brought me to this bar in West Village that serves good burgers that comes with locally brewed beers. It is located in 331 W 4th St. NY, didn’t think twice and ordered the best burger in the menu.
 Bistro Burger
(Corner Bistro)

What can I say! a perfect match for McSorley’s dark beer. Juicy Cheeseburger with bacon that’s crisp to perfection. So if you’re in the city and want to get a good grub while having a few drinks head on out to Corner Bistro!

Next stop! Junior’s! who wouldn’t want to have a delicious Cheescake as dessert over lunch….oh wait.. what am I saying, this is a blog and a place burger lovers not for a bunch of sweet tooth. As I was saying my uncle and Aunt brought me to Junior’s for the best Cheesecake in NYC but that did not veer me away from my mission. So the moment I sat on the table and checked the menu, I ordered the….

5Steak Burger
without any hesitation! I’m pretty surprised for a restaurant whose specialty is Cheesecake.
As for the finale and personally appointing this one as “THE” New York’s Finest Burger!
I, the Real Burger King hereby, brings you….
 “THE” Shack Stack
(Shake Shack)
This is the Kobe of.. heck this can be the Lebron James of burgers! This is Megan Fox and Rosie Huntington combined! This is the bomb! wonder why I said that? Well just look at that gorgeous! Tender Juice-oozing patties with Deep Fried breaded Portobello Mushrooms with cheese. With one glorius bite, believe me my friend and be warned of what may happen next, an umami explosion will happen in your mouth caused by the combination of all that meatiness, crispyness and gooeyness! almost perfect but not yet. Not until I’ve searched and tasted all the burgers in the world. So if you’re going to NYC just make sure that you won’t miss dropping by Shake Shack

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